Cleaning Up.

Today I’m saying goodbye to two apps of mine 👋


Samples banner

Samples started as a hacky soundboard with which I would annoy and/or amuse my colleagues by playing back audio memes. How it got to be a decently featured musical instrument, is hard to tell!

My personal interest in this project has declined over the years, and frankly, better sampler apps have been released in the meanwhile. User interest has faded as well.


Swaipu banner

I loved Swaipu to bits. It had this kind of charm, a personality to it, which the very, very, veeery few people who downloaded it responded to.

Unfortunately, almost no one else seems to care about Swaipu as much as I do. The app has definitely had enough time to take off, but it never did. And now it never will 😅

In Conclusion

I strongly believe that making a great app requires its developer to use it a lot, and love it a lot. When either of these conditions isn’t met, it’s time to let go.